About Us

My name is Carl Ritz from Belvidere, Illinois and I am an Independent Insurance Broker working with the ENTIRE state of ILLINOIS, I have had my own insurance Agency for over 26 years.(SPECIALIZING in the Senior Market) and in the insurance business, that I love and enjoy, for over 41 years.

I will provide the Best help and service to anyone turning 65 or anyone already on Medicare and wanting to SAVE money on what they have now. I understand how intimidating and confusing when someone turns 65 and going on Medicare.

I provide free assistance so you don't have to learn it all. I offer my services at no cost to my clients as I am compensated by the 28 or more Nationally recognized insurance carriers that I represent, to assist you while presenting you with many options and choices. Medicare oversees the commissions for Medicare Advantage and stand alone drugs plans, to ensure that there is no incentive for an agent to favor one insurance carrier or plan over another.

Lasso Healthcare MSA is:

A high deductible health plan plus a special, Medical Savings account. Lasso makes an annual deposit into your client’s account to spend towards their deductible. At the end of the year, any unused portion of the deposit belongs to YOU, the client and will roll over each year. Once you have met your annual deductible, Lasso Healthcare MSA will pay 100% of any future Medicare covered expenses for the remaining of the year.

Lasso Healthcare MSA is perfect for people who have worked in the Medical field, health enthusiasts, people who have used a Health Savings Account in the past, people who want a Medicare Advantage with NO Provider Networks, (use ANY doctor that accepts Medicare), Self-Employed individuals, people who live in rural areas, People who want a ZERO Premium and more.

Lasso Healthcare has available for each policyholder an option to buy a New Hospital Indemnity “ Gap “ plan that can help COVER a Member’s annual deductible, Please call for this affordable option.

Are you confused about Medicare Insurance as to what plans are best for you? Are you concerned about your options or Benefits? Have you had an ANNUAL REVIEW lately?

I can meet with you either in person, or talk with you over the phone and then send out information to you in the mail, or by email to help you determine the type of Medicare Insurance that best fits your needs. 

I am committed to finding the highest quality Medicare Plan that will meet or exceed your specific needs at the Most affordable price. I would like the opportunity to work with you and for you to help meet your insurance needs. I will give you the power to compare and the freedom to choose.

Please call CARL RITZ at 1-800-522-1677 to start the conversation on what your options and Savings can be on Medicare Insurance, Prescription Part D coverage, stand alone Dental Insurance plans and Final expense insurance.